flasherCome and observe and have your child try out a class before committing.


Working with children from ages 4 and above with over 30 years combined experience in teaching the martial arts. Our school is more than about teaching self-defense. Our goal is to also develop:

Self Respect
Respect For Others
Self Discipline
Situational Awareness

We stress that these skills are expected of our students not only within our school, but in their daily routine i.e. school, home etc.

If your looking for karate classes for kids in Guilford, and a program that is structured, fun and builds quality character then visit us.

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  1. My son has been a student at this studio for almost three years! He has learned discipline, courage, leadership and the importance of strength and power. Sifu Ricardo and Sifu Jim are dedicated to the students and the studio! Thanks guys!

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